Our Courses

Intermediate training in Patient Safety

Advanced training in Patient Safety

This one day unique evidence based, practical course will help to enhance your practice, making you more confident and be more able to act safely and encourage safe practice in many tasks where error is commonly encountered: Prescribing, Handover of care, emergency situations


At the end of the course, the learners will have:-

 Cultivated an acceptance and awareness of error

 Applied the science of human factors and non-technical skills to analyse actual safety incidents

 Applied training on enhancing safety practice in exercises and group work to improve safety skills


This course will enhance your CV and prepare you for the increasing responsibilities that you will encounter as you continue postgraduate training

Patient Safety for Care Providers

Communication Skills

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Our communication skills course focuses on enhancing your skills from a safety perspective. Covering handover of care, communication of error, as well as general communication, this course will both improve practice and equip your for postgraduate examinations.


In particular, key scenarios will be covered in a supportive and non-threatening environment, with very limited numbers allowed on each course.

This one day course aims to enhance safety amongst non-medical professionals in a variety of settings, including private medical clinics, care homes and alternative therapists.


Using our theoretical sound techniques to enhance non-technical skills, areas of potential error will be explored, methods to enhance personal professional responsibility discussed and methods to enhance safety discussed and implemented in small group exercises.


Similar non-evidence based courses in the USA can drop medical indemnity insurance for individuals or establishments by 60%.


This course can be offered on a day rate for up to 25 staff members with in your establishment or alternatively staff can be sent on one of our pre-arranged courses.

This one day course builds on the foundations of our intermediate course for more senior trainees, equipping you with the skills to lead in patient safety improvement from an non-technical skills perspective, including the design and implementation of quality improvement programmers and how to educate on non-technical skills.


This course involves several assignments and forms the first module of our certificate in patient safety education.